Certification requirements for all bench staff can be checked on the following site. Head coaches and assistant coaches must have the same qualifications.


Teams are required to secure insurance for special events and the purchase of any additional ice outside of what is allocated through the Rangers program.

Link to submit an insurance application.



Affiliation forms must be filled out by the player, parent, home team coach and affiliating team coach. Once complete, please send the form to VP Admin for registrar approval.

Affiliation Call-ups

Once players are approved for affiliation, they must be added to your affiliated player list. 

Players called up for a game must be entered in Total Team Management prior to the start of the game. 


  1. Login to Total Team Management
  2. Select Affiliations
  3. Add player to your Affiliated Player List
  4. Select Player for affiliation call-up
  5. Enter the game details and player being replaced, etc. 
Discipline Reporting


Discipline reporting is done through the Total Team Management (TTM) Discipline Reporting site.
All game incidents involving a player or team official that result in a game ejection or penalty 5 minutes or more -  Misconduct (M), Match (MP), Gross Misconduct (GRM) and/or a Game Misconduct (GM) must be reported within 24 hours (this is an HEO rule in the Code of Discipline).

TTM Procedure

  1. Login to Total Team Management.
  2. Select Discipline
  3. Enter the Infraction details
  4. Notify your HEO AA/A League Convenor by fax and/or email (your Convenor will let you how to notify them)
The on-line reporting of these infractions will send the infraction details to the following individuals:
  1. The GRMHA Director of Discipline - Dave Martin (
  2. The GHA District Chair - Jenn Primeau (
  3. The GRMHA President - Kevin Carroll (
  4. The HEO Minor Level Convenor for your league
  • All suspensions incurred in tryouts, preseason, league, tournament, exhibition, and playoff games must be reported.
Should TTM not be ready at the beginning of the season, or the system is down for any reason, discipline reporting must still be done within 24 hours. In lieu of the TTM system in these cases, an email notification can be provided until such time TTM is available. 

Email Procedure (within 24 hours of the infraction)

  1. Email the contacts listed above (including your league convenor)
  2. Include the following details of the infraction:
    • Your name & contact information
    • Your Team
    • The Player’s name & sweater #
    • The Penalty & the time of the infraction
    • Your understanding of the subsequent suspensions(s)
  3. Include a copy of the game sheet
  4. Upload the details to TTM when it is available. 

Games Served Procedure

If an infraction results in a game suspension, games served must also be reported in TTM. 
  1. Login to Total Team Management.
  2. Select Discipline
  3. Find the suspension
  4. Select Game Served for the infraction
  5. Upload a copy of the game sheet for the game served
* Should TTM not be available at this time, an email reporting the game served can be sent until such time it can be entered on-line. 

Tournaments and Exhibition Games

Teams playing in tournaments or exhibitions outside of the HEO Minor shall abide by the Code of Discipline which is set by the tournament or host association. Upon returning from the tournament all remaining suspensions must be served to the higher of either (i) the away tournament suspension, or (ii) the HEO Minor Code of Discipline – Whichever is more severe.  It is required for each manager to submit copies of the game sheets from the tournament games to the league and all suspensions must be reported to the GRMHA Director, Discipline and league convenor as well as entered in the GHA database.
When you know a suspendable penalty has been assessed during a game, please check that game sheet has been filled out properly with the correct penalty, player #, time and period of the infraction. Always be polite! Do not harass the officials.
If at any time you are unsure about the interpretation of a suspension or have a question or just want to vent about a "bad" game, please contact the GRMHA Director, Discipline. That is his/her job.
Remember, don't assume. The coach is ultimately responsible for his/her team and will take the hit if mistakes are made.  If in doubt, always check with the GHA Director of Discipline!)

Travel Permits

  • Travel Permit - required for ALL out of town tournaments
  • USA Travel Permit - required for USA tournaments (in addition to the regular Travel Permit)


  1. Enter player details for the roster
  2. Include Hockey Canada ID (found in your official roster provided by VP Admin)
  3. Include bench staff who will be at the tournament (must be approved with proper certifications)
  4. Send completed travel permit(s) to GRMHA President for approval (

* Travel permits should be completed and sent for approval at least one week prior to the tournament start date. 


Rosters must be submitted to the tournament organizer before the tournament or be provided at check-in (check with tournament organizer).

Monthly Reports
  • GRMHA Operating Report - submit to VP Hockey Ops by the 10th of each month
  • GRMHA Financial Report - submit to Treasurer by the 15th of each month
Game Changes and Switches

Game Changes and Game Switches

Teams may need to change or switch games due to conflicts. These should be completed as soon as possible. Details about changes and switches should be provided by your league convenor. The applicable forms are linked below but can also be found on the HEO AA/A league site under Administration / Forms. 


Referee Links

Referee costs for league games are covered as part of the registration fees for U9 to U12. U13 and above will need to pay referees prior to the start of league games. All exhibition game referee costs must be covered directly by the team.