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Call for Nominations:

The Gloucester Rangers Board of Directors is currently seeking volunteers for the positions listed below. Please submit your name in confidence to before April 15, 2024.


Board members who are to be elected or appointed shall be elected in accordance with the following procedures:

6.5.1     No person shall be eligible to run for the position of President unless he/she has served as an elected or appointed member or the GRMHA, GHA or GHA members association for two (2) years/terms.

6.5.2     Candidate names for election or appointment mus be submitted to the Secretary at least thirty (30) days in advance of the Annual General Meeting. The slate containing the names or persons for the offices to be filled by election or appointment shall be posted not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the times at which the voting for elected positions is scheduled to be called at the meeting.

6.5.3     Appointed positions shall be filled by majority vote of the Elected Board members, at the first board meeting following the AGM. The method of voting shall be secret ballot with a majority vote of those present and voting confirming the appointment.

6.5.4     Should no candidates be nominated for an elected or appointed position prior to the AGM or in the event of a vacancy, the Board may appoint a Member to fill the vacant position until the next AGM.



1.     Shall preside at all Board of Directors, Executive Committee, General and Annual meetings of the GRMHA.

2.     Shall exercise the authority of the GRMHA in cases of emergency, subject to ratification by the Board of Directors by the next board meeting

3.     Shall be the official spokesman for the GRMHA as a member of the GHA Board of Directors.

4.     Shall be an ex officio member of all GRMHA Committees.

5.     Shall not vote except in the case of a tie when casting the deciding vote or elections.

6.     Shall attend all AA/A league meetings on behalf of the GRMHA


Vice-President, Administration

1.     Shall receive and process all tryout applications including payment, and ensure all players registered for tryouts have registered with their home association prior to their first ice session.

2.     Shall develop and manage official team lists and Specially Affiliated Player Lists.

3.     Shall coordinate the completion of the GRMHA Fair Play Pledge by players, parents and coaches.

4.     Shall ensure the dissemination of information to all GRMHA members and their families.

5.     Shall arrange collection of Players Registration fees from Member Association immediately after making Team lists.


Open appointments for 2024-25 Season

Director, Public Relations

1.     Shall be responsible for the co-ordination of team photos, the GRMHA showcase and banners.

2.     Shall be responsible for the maintenance, coordination, communication and posting of material on the GRMHA website and other association social media platforms.

3.     Shall coordinate GRMHA special events, fundraisers and volunteer appreciation events.


Director, Risk and Safety

1.     Shall provide the GRMHA Board of Directors advice and direction, in regard to Risk and Safety issues, and specifically communicating and identifying to them any or all risks which have been determined to be connected with hockey activities.

2.     Shall recommend to the GRMHA Board of Directors, any specific courses or training that should be offered or mandated to players and/or team officials, which may further mitigate inherent risks.

3.     Shall represent the GRMHA at all Corporation Risk and Safety meetings.

4.     Shall initiate and/or participate in problem resolution processes concerning player, parent or team official conduct.

5.4 Vice-President, Hockey Operations

  1. Shall perform the duties of the President in his absence or at his request and shall then have all the rights and powers of the President. When acting as President he shall not vote except to break a tie or elections.

  2. Shall be responsible for the administration of, as well as the planning, organizing and implementation of Mentorships, Players evaluations and team Selections.

  3. Shall ensure that teams conduct their on-ice activities in accordance with GRMHA and Corporation philosophies and guidelines through periodic reports and attendance at games or practices.

  4. Shall ensure adherence to player affiliation processes and maintain controls aimed at improving player development.

  5. Shall co-ordinate the coach’s evaluation program.

  6. Will represent the President/GRMHA at AA/A league meetings as required.

5.5 Secretary

  1. Shall prepare minutes of all Board, Executive, General and Annual meetings of the GRMHA and ensure proper distribution of same.

  2. Shall prepare correspondence as necessary for the normal operation of the GRMHA.

  3. Shall have custody of all documents and records pertaining to the affairs of the GRMHA except those held by the VP Administration and Treasurer.

  4. Shall attend any other meetings as requested by the President and/or Vice Presidents in order to document proceedings.

  5. Shall be responsible for coordinating the logistics and booking rooms for Board meetings and other events.



5.6 Treasurer

  1. Shall receive all monies payable to the GRMHA and deposit in a chartered bank as directed by the GRMHA Board of Directors, keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed and report at each Board of Directors meeting and Annual General Meeting.

  2. Shall receive and record all accounts payable as approved by the GRMHA Board of Directors and pay all such accounts by cheque signed by two executive members.

  3. Shall keep, and permanently retain for six (6) years, books of accounts and make them available to the GRMHA Board of Directors or Corporation on request.

  4. Shall have all financial records prepared and submitted for audit each year, presenting them at the GRMHA Annual General Meeting.

  5. Shall prepare and present a proposed budget prior to each hockey season to the Board for approval and will monitor and report on the status of the budget at monthly GRMHA meetings.

  6. Shall ensure review of team budgets and monthly financial reports.

5.7 Ice Scheduler

  1. Shall prepare the tryout schedule in consultation with the President and Vice President Hockey Operations.
  2. Shall liaise with the Corporation for assignment of practice ice through preseason, regular season and playoffs
  3. Shall liaise with the Corporation for assignment of league regular season and play-off games and to resolve ice conflicts.
  4. Shall be responsible for the fair distribution of ice to GRMHA teams and will track assignments to ensure equity.
  5. Shall arrange for the purchase of “contract ice” and assure the completion of the proper contracts.