The Rangers program uses Goaler U for our Goalies, under the direction and mentorship of Stefan Nichols, Head Instructor and School Director.

Stefan Nichols played 5 years of Junior A hockey and continued his passion for the position into coaching. He has been a professional goaltending consultant for the past 17 years developing goalies of all ages.


To oversee our development program, Mike Pilon of Endeavour Sports Group has been hired by the Rangers to perform the crucial role of Coach Mentor. The Rangers years ago identified the need for consistency in teaching criteria, development strategies and the balance between technical and tactical instruction. Mike and his staff are mentors, teachers and colleagues to our coaches and meet with them regularly, providing hands-on teaching and observation as well as access to a full library of teaching tools and techniques.

Their role is primarily to work with the coaches, offering advice, techniques, tips, constructive criticism, and objective evaluation. It should be noted that there is a national movement towards such a position and that the Rangers were among the first organizations in Canada to adopt a formal development program. ​The Rangers program is putting the emphasis on development rather than just winning.

The Rangers program is putting the emphasis on development rather than just winning. The coaches in our program know that we are looking for consistency from year to year in what our players are learning so that they continue to develop. To ensure that this happens we have been working to put together a player development model to accompany the hard work we have done over the past few years to develop our coaching competency base. These development efforts combined we think will lead to even more success in the future both for our players and our coaches.


The Rangers uses Amped Sports Lab for on ice, off ice (strengthening, conditioning and endurance training) and are one of our providers for Baseline Concussion Testing for players 12 years old and above (recommended but not mandatory).

The Rangers uses Titan Performance for off ice strengthening, conditioning and endurance training including thier Next Generation Hockey Blade Skating Treadmill.

Hockey players need to be Fast, Strong and DURABLE. At Titan Performance we work on developing pure Athleticism. We teach Athletes how to Use, Develop & Maintain their bodies focusing on developing Speed, Strength and Mobility.

​Our Lead Hockey Performance Coach Alex Ethier has been developing strength and conditioning programs for Elite hockey Athletes for the past 10 seasons working with CCHL, USport, NCAA, AHL, KHL and NHL players. Titan Performance is very happy to welcome Alex and his wealth of knowledge to further enhance our growing hockey program